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The Story of Wild Blue Bakery

Wild Blue Bakery is a 100% Gluten Free savoury and sweet bakery committed to creating delicious and indistinguishable products.

I'm just a girl who loves to bake. It’s no surprise I grew up to enjoy cooking and baking after spending my childhood watching my parents work wonders in the kitchen. For years I worked as both a baker and the manager of a local cupcake bakery and my dream of turning baking into my livelihood was on track. That dream was derailed when at the age of 24, after 12 years of stomach pain and countless doctor visits, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Once the shock and ‘woe is me’ phase of the diagnosis faded, I got to work. I began working with different gluten free flour combinations, made some very serious messes, and now I am sharing with you the amazing gluten free world of ‘Wild Blue Bakery’.

There is no reason 'Gluten Free' has to be anything but delicious!

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